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Sustainability, Environment and the Arts in Education Research Cluster (SEAE)

Terminal Dr, Bilinga, QLD, Australia 4225 

The School of Education ’s Sustainability, Environment and the Arts in Education’ (SEAE) Research Cluster, led by Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, was established in 2012. 

The Cluster represents a large collective of researchers working across sustainability, environment and the Arts in education. 

The uniqueness of the Cluster is exemplified through our creative anti-disciplinary research focus directly informing public debate, policy, advocacy and practice. 

The SEAE Research Cluster squarely: 

  1. Engages in creative research practices to understand and manifest ecological thinking and behaviour in the context of anthropogenic climate change; 
  1. Stimulates a rethinking in education of values and mindsets around nature-human interrelationships in the Anthropocene, including Indigenous perspectives and frames of reference; 
  1. Actively challenge and trouble models of education (curriculum, pedagogy and policy) through ecological and artful positionings; 
  1. Interrogates and advances a range of theories and methodologies including posthuman, new materialist, social ecology, feminist theory, Indigenous Knowledges, arts-based educational research, child-framed methodologies and traditional modes of inquiry; 
  1. Undertakes consilient and transdisciplinary research in environmental education and the Arts that is influential to real world practice; and 
  1. Communicates and disseminates research findings through innovative impact practices and democratic modes with educational practitioners and the broader community. 

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