Free play at bush kindy

Free play at bush kindy

Key words:

Childhoodnature, Place/Country responsive play, non-human play, discovery play, imaginative play, seasons, weather geology, air, water, soil, fire, animals, needs of living things, forces, movement, floating and sinking, pulleys, engineering, construction, mathematics, caring for Country, animal tracking


Clearview Early Learning and Kindergarten Nerang


Kindergarten children at Clearview Early Learning Centre spend a minimum of 2 hours a day 2 days a week at the Bush Kindy site on council land, which is walking distance from the centre. They ideally aim to go 3 days a week, with one long day from 9am – 2pm. Educator Nettie explained the intention of Bush Kindy is to provide children with an unstructured environment where they can explore, create, build, and problem solve, with educators facilitating and asking questions to extend on their knowledge. For example, questions like ‘Why are you putting the rocks there?’, ‘Why is the water stopping?’, ‘What’s that called?’.  The Bush Kindy sessions are very much child-directed. The educators may occasionally bring along supplies if the children request it, like rope or pots or paint brushes for example. Occasionally the educators will plan a learning experiences to build on the children’s current interests, but majority of time it’s purely unstructured. These opportunities for sustained, unstructured play enable children to develop resilience and independence, and enhance their capacity to be more involved, curious learners – always questioning, problem-solving and investigating.