Visits on Country

Visits on Country

Key words:

Place/Country-responsive play, discovery play, slow play, non-human play, slow play, Indigenous knowledges, seasons, geology, biodiversity, habitat, conservation, tides, fire practices, animal tracking


C & K Weipa


A central element of C & K Weipa’s nature play pedagogy and practice involves spending time on Country, learning about local first people’s culture and histories. Connection to land, sea and sky is central to these on Country experiences, and the children relish opportunities to acknowledge and place hands on country to develop these embodied connections. Children visit the local beach, bush, parklands and cultural sites, where they learn about bush tucker, hunting practices, the Dreaming, weaving, observing local landscapes and much more. Through these Country-responsive learning experiences, children develop deep understandings of scientific concepts and processes – for example seasonal change, weather, life cycles, food webs, biodiversity, astronomy, navigation, regeneration and much more.