Nature Play Strategies

Why use the Nature Play Strategies?

Engaging with young children whilst discovering nature can prove to be challenging or require thinking outside of the box. The different learning tools below are presented to help educators be and feel more equiped when exploring  nature play and outdoor educational experiences.

The examples chosen are the results obtained from a two year research project led by the School of Education of Southern Cross University, showcasing activities used in Australian schools. Below are 14 different strategies to explore further by clicking the links/images.

Acknowledgement of Country, active respect and caring for the land
Removing toys from outdoor area

Grow and harvest wheat, grind wheat, bake bread

Walk out the gate – bush and city adventures

ANimals under the microscope, arts-based exploration of the more-than-human, community exhibition

FRee play at bush kindy

Where have all the turtles gone? – local lake visit

Nature journaling
Bringing nature inside for free play
Mapping the local community
Tree climbing

Sensorial bushwalk, animal search

VISITs on Country