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The Childhoodnature Collective is an interdisciplinary group that provides a space for researchers, educators, artists, writers, ecologists, philosophers and a host of others to come together to share and explore the value of unpacking and disrupting current views on childhood and nature. The new concept of childhoodnature aligns with a posthuman turn in educational and childhoodnature research, where the child is nature, and is associated with the recognition that humans are having an unprecedented planetary impact on Earth in this time of the Anthropocene.



© Karen Malone

Researching Nature Play is a research project funded through the Education HORIZON grant scheme by the Queensland Government. The project aims to determine how you children aged 4-5 years learn scientific concepts when supported through nature play.  While nature play is a popular preschool pedagogy its effectiveness to provide new knowledges by bringing together social and natural sciences, is mostly undocumented. The methodology used in the project is cartographic, focusing on creating visual maps through observations, photography, video captures, drawing and journaling.  



© Karen Malone

Members of the collective are invited to submit to the Childhoodnature Collective Blog. The Blog pieces should speak to a wide audience and provide insights into theoretical ideas, overview of current research projects, art installations or curated events, responses to challenges or advances in the field, book reviews, stories, poems, or any other form of visual or textual representation. To submit a blog email the contents to natureplay@scu.edu.au